Self Censorship

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Personal
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When I started this blog very recently, I made a promise to myself – that I would not write about politics or religion or anything of a rather sensitive and subjective nature. 

But something happened in class today during an exercise that made me change my mind and decide to break my promise. If I can’t write for fear of judgement then I might as well not write or talk about anything that matters to me. I write for myself, and if there happen to be people who enjoy reading my opinions – whether they agree or not – then good. And if there are people who don’t – well, then point your mouse right over that little x on the screen and close this page. 

There will always be people who deem it wiser to hold your tongue and avoid adding fuel to the fire, and people who simply believe that their opinion is the ultimate truth and everyone else should accept that. I come from a school of thought where I willingly share my views because I am also willing to accept that not everyone will agree with me and I am always happy to agree to disagree, as well as open to the fact that the other person may change my mind depending on how they state their views and back it up. 

Having said that, I hope you enjoy my next post – which will be up either in the next half hour (if I manage to finish it up before my next class), or later tonight, and will chronicle my personal relationship with religion. 

Also, let this be a disclaimer so you understand that I have no intention of shoving anything down anyone’s throat. 


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